Shifting How Retailers Manage Fraud and Loss Prevention

Gain clearer insights and streamline operations across all locations with Nanodems NDIS Retail solution.

We know loss prevention and shrinkage are at the top of retailers’ minds when it comes to store security and profitability. But how does one store, let alone multi-store locations, manage large amounts of data and information to identify suspicious activity or fraud in a timely manner? The honest answer – They Don’t.

Meet Nanodems NDIS Retail Solution for POS and CCTV Integration

Nanodems understands that improving loss prevention and shrinkage are retailers’ primary goals.  Our platform delivers intuitive features that integrate and unify disparate retail system tools, such as CCTVs, POS and EBR (Enhanced Business Reporting) systems to deliver retailers, of all types and sizes, the business intelligence and data they need to combat theft, fraud and loss.

By bringing these systems together, Nanodems NDIS’ user-friendly interface and dashboard allows retailers to:

Automatically Track & Monitor All Activity

  • Converged systems = Centralized Control
  • Monitor transactions by employee, location or product
  • Access to all locations & systems in one platform

Access Real Time Video Footage and Alerts

  • Identify suspicious activity quicker
  • Leads to decreased fraudulent activity and loss
  • Easy, intuitive access to questionable transactions
  • Streamline investigations and save time

Scale When and Where When They Need It

  • Flexibility and versatility to meets the demands of # of devices and locations
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting to meet ever-changing business needs
  • Add-on modules deliver enhanced business intelligence

Fraud Prevention Software that leverages existing infrastructure to seamlessly integrate multiple systems and devices into one converged platform for advanced business insights and intelligence.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Use NDIS to: 
  • Centrally track and monitor access & activity across multiple locations in real time
  • Identify suspicious activity or transactions through our business intelligence dashboard
  • Monitor staff and consumer activity to reduce theft and shrinkage
  • Generate intelligent insights on business trends and transactions
  • Reduce time, resources and costs on manual fraud investigation efforts
  • Access security footage, live feeds, or alerts from any device, anywhere
  • Integrate all disparate systems to decrease fraudulent activity by up to 30%
  • Automatic video back-up of suspicious transactions


Return On Investment


Converged Fraud Prevention and Business Intelligence Concept  
  • Centralizes integration of multiple systems to improve efficiency
  • Enhances the customer experience and increases revenue
  • Delivers full control over CCTV and POS systems
  • Provides evaluation of products, brand & employee performance for better business decision making
Video-Enabled Business Intelligence Reporting    
  • Instantly access business insights and trends
  • Dynamic GPS mapping for enhanced insights into incidents and investigations
  • Customizable reports and graphs to track trends (i.e. Least Returning Branch, Most Returned Product)
  • Easily accessible dashboards and reporting for better clarity
Audit Trails and Employee Transaction Activity   
  • Track employee and location activity to gain global views of operations
  • Easily identify suspicious activity or transactions automatically
  • Access intuitive and insightful dashboards for on-demand transaction data
  • Increase employee accountability and visibility on transactions real-time
Fraud and Loss Prevention   
  • Centralized CCTV and POS integration = Access to feeds anytime, anywhere
  • Converged systems allow faster detection of suspicious activity
  • Single user interface allows suspect tracing and review from one location to the next
Scalability and Flexibility 
  • Leverage existing infrastructure to maximize cost efficiency
  • Open architecture allows for scalability when the business needs it
  • Manage all devices, regardless of brand, from a single user interface
  • Access video footage on the fly with our mobile app
Customized Scenario Alerts
  • Create custom scenario alerts for your business needs
  • Set up alert notifications based on real-world scenarios specific to your locations, products or previous transaction histories
  • Enable custom video reporting for improved fraud investigations



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