Retail stores, independent of size or location, can easily have their profits wiped out by retail fraud. A store can experience counterfeit transactions – including fake currency, credit cards and checks (either personal, cashier’s, gift or travelers checks) – or they can be victimized by counterfeit identities.


Return On Investment

Many such activities are small fraudulent transactions that are easy to overlook, but can add up to huge cumulative losses given the thousands of transactions a single store might experience in one day of business.

NDIS directly connect your POS to our BI solution so you can aware fraud/loss activity and alarms simultaneously and create various statistical reports by using the process data.

NDIS has a mobile application, so you can manage access to all shops from anywhere with an internet connection. You’re no longer tied to a single workstation or control center.

There is no limit how many cameras in the system. So you can review all and trace the suspects from one shop to another or one floor to another from the same screen. You have the full picture without using multiple user interfaces.

NDIS helps increase retailers’ profits by reducing internal fraud. Our solution making it easy to detect associate activity that is suspicious with access anytime and anywhere. Using an intuitive user interface, individual associates are enabled with access to the entire store, a department or individual POS platform.