Nanodems Retail Solutions  

Whether you are a fashion retailer or QSR retailer, you know that profits can be wiped out in an instant through fraud or slowly through internal shrinkage. Independent research shows that most retail fraud is originating from internal employees. Counterfeit transactions involving cash, cards (including loyalty and gift cards) and checks, as well as identity fraud, happen every dayPreventing fraud is essential to reduce losses, increase revenue and grow your business. 

Nanodems offers user-friendly fraud prevention and business intelligence solution that allows you to centrally and automatically monitor and track CCTV and POS transactions and generate business insights through customizable and automated reporting systems across multiple locations.

Nanodems’ PSIM Retail Fraud Preventation Software is an advanced solution that seamlessly converges all components of retail fraud prevention and business intelligence into one converged system.

Use NDIS to: 
  • Centrally track and monitor access and activity in multiple locations in real time preventing fraud  
  • Monitor internal staff activity and prevent shrinkage 
  • Reduce costs and time spent on fraud investigations  
  • Identify suspicious activity instantly to prevent criminal activity 
  • Instantly generate insight reports on business trends 
  • Securely manage and access your CCTV system surveillance footage 
  • Decrease fraud by up to 30% through business intelligence 


Return On Investment


Converged Fraud Prevention and Business Intelligence Concept  

The integration of multiple systems centrally improves efficiency, enhances the customer experience and increases revenueYou have full control over CCTV and POS systems. Evaluate product, brand and employee performance to make better business decisions. 

Video-Enabled Business Intelligence Reporting    

Customisable reports and graphs reflecting trends and fraud are easy to obtain.  Instantly access business insights and trends, such as most/least returning branches, employees and products. Dynamic GPS mapping allows for greater insight into incidents and criminal investigations. 

Audit Trails and User Information   

40% of shrinkage is originating from employees. Automatically identify suspicious sales transactions, employees or branches. Track user activity to gain a global view of operations. User actions are reported and displayed on demand, increasing accountability and reducing internal fraud and shrinkage. 

Fraud and Loss Prevention   

Detect suspicious activity with access anytime and anywhere through central CCTV and POS integration. Review and trace suspects from one location to another on a single user interface. 

Hardware Independence and Flexibility 

Reduce costs and facilitate business growth by integrating devices from different brands with old and new technologies.  Manage different brands of DVR/NVR systems from single interface and access video footage and data on the go with our mobile app. 

Custom Scenarios

According to your specific needs you can create your own custom scenarios to be notified for suspicious sales transactions in real time. You can later create video enabled custom reports for better fraud investigations.