Securing and Supporting Ports with 360° Views of Operations, Security & Accessibility

Connect. Leverage. Respond. Advanced End-to-End PSIM Integration with NDIS Port Solutions.

Ports. They are one of the most critical entry points to global economies and transport, and face some of the most difficult security challenges amongst all industries. Not only do they have large areas to surveil and monitor, but they must also track incoming and outgoing shipments, personnel, vehicles, gates, docks, vessels, and containers; all of which can pose threats in their own unique ways.

Traditional surveillance solutions, coupled with inadequate area coverage and legacy systems, could spell dire consequences for ports worldwide, if not maintained and properly integrated with a solution that provides centralized command and control, monitoring, tracking and access authorization.

Meet Nanodems NDIS Maritime Port Security Solutions

An advanced, converged systems platform that integrates all disparate physical security systems into one main dashboard, providing port security personnel with 360° visibility, control and intelligence gathering across all port areas.

Security personnel can centrally track and monitor the following and more with our easy to use dashboard:

Solidify port security with the solution that delivers 360° visibility across all systems, access controls and devices — Nanodems NDIS

Solidify Your Security Infrastructure

Nanodems NDIS Maritime Port Security Solution solidifies security infrastructures by integrating all devices and systems, providing visibility to:

  • Large coverage areas
  • Inaccessible or restricted areas
  • High traffic or busy areas
  • High volumes of large containers moving in and out of facilities

By incorporating NDIS into your security you’ll be able to:

  • Converged systems = Centralized Control
  • Centralizes monitoring and tracking for better situational awareness
  • Collaborate more effectively with internal and external partners and agencies
  • Access to all areas, devices & systems in one platform
  • Integrated system correlates alarms to events and instant footage for faster response
  • Manage all devices, regardless of brand, from a single user interface
  • Maintain uninterrupted security operations
  • Reduce costs, time and human resources demand
  • Build better plans for threat preparedness and responses
  • Gain insights into high traffic or risk prone areas
  • Mitigate risk or threats more quickly
  • Reduce vulnerabilities of critical assets

NDIS Provides:

Centralized Access & Authorization
  • Centrally configure, grant, or remove access rights with one click
  • Disseminate the right information at the right time to the right people
  • Maintain accurate audit logs for regulatory compliance
  • Easily and securely manages access between locations for authorized users
  • Allows for faster and more efficient response by personnel
Alarm and Incident Management 
  • Customizable alerts for immediate notification of issue(s)
  • Integrated system correlates alarms to events and instant footage for faster response
  • Automatically logs each incident or resolution for better planning
  • Enables effortless compliance with current regulations
Scalability and Flexibility 
  • Leverage existing infrastructure to maximize cost efficiency
  • Open architecture allows for scalability when the business needs it
  • Manage all devices, regardless of brand, from a single user interface
  • Access video footage from anywhere with our mobile app
One-Step Device Configuration
  • Standardize configuration to thousands of devices with one click
  • Minimizes set-up time and device installation
  • Ensures uniform monitoring and reporting
  • Streamlines incident management and analysis
Kwai Tsing , Hong Kong 12 February 2019:- Hong Kong container port
Audit Trails & Personnel Access Management
  • Monitor & track personnel activity by area/facility to gain global views of operations
  • Maintain accurate audit logs for regulatory compliance
  • On-demand display of user actions protects physical and online data
Real-Time Health Monitoring  
  • Devices are monitored 24/7 for failure, disruption and connectivity
  • Any interruption in signal sets off several alarms: dashboard, email & SMS
  • At-a-glance visually assess hardware conditions & system statuses
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