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Track. Detect. Respond to events or threats in real-time and more efficiency with NDIS Campus Solutions.

Ensuring Campus and School Safety For All

With the ever-changing requirements for schools and campuses, in addition to the rise in school threats every year, campus security has never been more important. However, legacy systems, disparate security systems and other technological gaps, within campus physical security and communications systems, make it difficult to bring together a comprehensive, converged vision for what campus security should be.

After all, protecting students, staff and buildings, while managing student, visitor and personnel flow is top priority to ensuring a safe, fun and engaged learning environment.

Meet Nanodems NDIS Campus Solutions for K-12 and Higher Education Institutions

An all-in-one physical security platform that leverages existing and legacy systems to optimize cost efficiencies while providing, an intelligent, intuitive PSIM solution that delivers an all-encompassing view of all physical security devices for advanced situational awareness.

Being able to detect events or threats, and responding in real time with efficiency and effectiveness, are the cornerstones of a solid Physical Security Information Management solution. Our open architecture is designed for maximum compatibility with multiple systems and devices to provide the best possible solution for flexibility and scalability.

What are the key assets to protect and secure across K-12 and Higher Learning institutions?







Nanodems NDIS Campus Solution addresses several key activities with physical security solutions:

Event Monitoring

Alarm Management

User Management


User Access



NDIS is THE all-in-one PSIM solution that converges and unites multiple systems to create a multi-layered security approach for institutions of higher learning.

Why Use NDIS Campus Solutions:
  • Converged, unified system security = savings in training, time and infrastructure
  • Centralized access control & video monitoring; Monitor security from anywhere
  • Real-time alerts to proactively detect and protect
  • Scalable to meet ever-changing demands of the educational ecosystem
  • Enables and expedites community sharing/incident reporting
  • Better plan for Emergency Preparedness
  • Gain enhanced situational and global awareness
  • Extends limited resources further
  • Intuitive maps allow faster tracking and incidence reporting
  • Delivers a consistent experience and user interface
  • One step configuration for multiple devices

Real Solutions. Real Time. Real Results.

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