Critical Infrastructure

In order to provide industry leading integration platform having a seamless technology and flexibility which can work with different networking options at our global clients premises. Our integration capabilities bring you all facility information at a glance.

Perimeter systems, Intercom and ACS systems, CCTV systems, UVIS and ANPR systems, Radars, RF and Barcode systems and public systems can be integrated on the same platform to control all facility information. Our system makes your plant/facility smart and secure. There are many measures that are impossible to compromise over.

Service Quality and System Safety

Industrial Facility or Plant Management’s most important priority is demanding high quality service and continuously working systems. Increasing the quality is only possible by monitoring. Monitoring users, systems and plant perimeter are all important for the safety as well.


Nanodems Integration Server (NDIS) enables integrated central management of multiple hardware and software systems. Nanodems Integration Server is high end software which can be integrated with any windows services. System provides to you all site information automatically which is mapped to related operators. Central Management of the systems reduce service costs.


NDIS has automatic failover capability. You can run an additional NDIS on different location in redundant mode and in case of any failure (due to power outage, disasters) secondary NDIS takes over all responsibilities of main server within several seconds automatically.


Automated Health Check of all connected subsystems, Recording health check, Hardware health check, Disk health check, Real time alarms, Periodic reporting increase service availability. Remote maintenance is that easy!