Critical Infrastructure

Nanodems’ Critical Infrastructure Solutions

Despite setting the highest standards for operational efficiency, critical facilities are always vulnerable to incidents and threats. These events incidents can disrupt operations, causing downtime, damaged infrastructure and leading to loss of revenue and compromised safety. Mitigating risks and dealing with incidents quickly and efficiently requires an intelligent PSIM solution which anticipates and identifies incidents and deploys standard operating procedures to handle incidents in real time, maintaining operational integrity (/continuity). 

Critical Infrastructurerequire a comprehensive and advanced monitoring solution with no room for error. The most important priority is an uninterrupted, high quality service. NDIS is a user-friendly solution that lets you centrally manage and track: Perimeter systems, Intercom and ACS systems, CCTV systems, UVIS and ANPR systems, Radars, RF and Barcode systems SCADA, OPC and MODBUS and many more different security systems. 

Use NDIS to…

  • Maintain uninterrupted security operations 
  • Integrate and standardize operational monitoring systems 
  • Anticipate, identify and swiftly respond to incidents and threats  
  • Reduce disruptions and downtime with uniform standard operating procedures 
  • Centrally and securely view and monitor activity in different site 
  • Allow your business to grow by reducing security expansion costs through an open architecture platform 
  • Reduce costs, time and human resources demand while improving efficiency and maintaining the operational excellence 
  • Comply with the latest and constantly changing regulatory requirements 

NDIS is an intelligent solution that can seamlessly integrate all components of critical infrastructure monitoring into one centralized and converged management system.

Open Architecture 

Integration of devices from different brands and new technologies is supported. Thanks to generic driver architecture of NDIS, any hardware or software system can be integrated easily. Even inhouse developed systems can be part of your security operations. 

Corporate Standardization 

The easy-to-use interface allows you to standardize settings on all of your security hardware. Configuration templates allows standardization of thousands of different devices automatically and ensures uniform monitoring and reporting. 

Standard Operating Procedures 

If an incident is to occur, access and authorization can be centrally configured to allow the right people to access the right information at the right time. Standard Operating Procedures will be instantly available to relevant personnel in a user-friendly format, allowing for faster and more efficient responses, free of human error. 

Intelligent Security Insights 

A visual, multidimensional dashboard allows you to easily view all operations. Global situational awareness is essential in managing risks and preventing incidents. Customizable reports and graphs reflecting trends and incidents are easy to obtain. Dynamic GPS mapping allows for greater insight into incidents and risks and is essential in criminal investigations.  

Real Time Health Monitoring  

Minor glitches within a security systems can lead to serious security breaches. Automated system health monitoring gives you peace of mind. An advanced dashboard allows you to visualize hardware conditions and system statuses. Devices are monitored in real time, 24/7. Any interruption in footage sets off an alarm which is automatically displayed, emailed and SMSed.  

Alarm and Incident Management 

Customizable alerts allow you to ensure that risks, errors and incidents will be discovered in no time. Once an alarm is activated, events and footage can be instantly correlated, and information routed to the right person for swift incident control. This feature ensures effortless compliance with current regulations. Not only incidents but also incident resolution process is automated and logged within the industry standard database. 

The Converged Vision Concept 

The integration of vast number of different security systems centrally improves operational efficiency, reduces incidents and saves costs. You have full control over video surveillance footage and access control systems, Perimeter systems, Intercom and ACS systems, CCTV systems, UVIS and ANPR systems, Radars, Sobars, RF and Barcode systems SCADA, OPCMODBUS and many more different security systems. 

Personnel Flow Management and Audit Trail 

Central authorization and authentication allows personnel to easily and securely transition between facilities. Access rights may be configured and granted or removed instantly in case of an incident. Monitoring login information and tracking user activity provides a global view of operations. User actions are reported and displayed on demand, protecting data from both physical and cyber threats.   

Integration with Cyber Security Products  

Cyber security is an important part of physical security. A sophisticated, converged system allows for the integration of cyber security products and physical security systems. This feature protects network and infrastructure against security threats and attacks by automating actions between cyber and physical security systems.