Nanodems City

Nanodems City

Protecting people, buildings, property, transit and tourists, among other things can be challenging when there are multiple security systems in place. City and Public Safety officials want to bring safety and security to their cities to enhance the life and vibrancy of that community, but struggle with integrating legacy cameras/systems, disparate communication, vendor lock-in and centralized control of systems.

With the adoption of the right physical security information management solution cities can achieve:

  • Improved emergency preparedness
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and increased productivity
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in
  • Interoperability between disparate systems
  • Faster response times to incidents
  • A more cohesive collaboration environment with external agencies
  • Global situational awareness
  • Advanced insight into operations and oversight

Meet Nanodems City — A flexible, intuitive, all-in-one PSIM solution that integrates and unifies legacy and disparate systems into one platform, so city-wide surveillance operations are streamlined, communications optimized, and existing infrastructure is seamlessly integrated. A solution designed for scalability, future growth and expansion. Versatile and cost-effective, Nanodems City delivers peace of mind and centralized monitoring of:

  • Digital & Analog cameras/CCTVs
  • Intrusion alarm panels & sensors
  • GIS Maps
  • Gunshot Detection
  • IoT sensors
  • Social media integration

Why Nanodems City?

Nanodems City scales to meet the demands of small to large cities, now and over time. By leveraging current systems and devices, NDIS provides a cost-effective, reliable physical security information management system to cities and countries that centralizes command and control, while delivering the advanced insights and streamlined operational efficiencies they require to be prepared.

When cities or countries deploy Nanodems, physical security & data systems are integrated and married together, providing global awareness and better insights. With the unity of disparate data, geospatial visualization, connected insights and real-time alerts command and control personnel become more effective and efficient, resulting in:

  • Better threat preparedness and response
  • More detailed insights
  • Increased global situational awareness
  • Easier dissemination of information across internal and external teams
  • Tracking simultaneous events with ease
  • More accurate and comprehensive event logging
  • Easily accessible audit trails/logs
  • Streamlined operations and defined responses