Flexible PSIM Solutions That Meet the Stringent Quality and Security Protocols for Airports Worldwide

Understand. Mitigate. Resolve security issues with Nanodems NDIS Airport Security Solution.

A Converged Vision™ Security Platform Designed to Protect Customers and Operations 24/7

Airports all across the globe face some of the strictest operational and security regulations currently in effect today. With events such as 9/11, and other airport security events over the years, it has left a lasting impression on airport security and operations personnel worldwide. It led to significant changes in passenger travel, airport security protocols, communications, and regulations.

And with the arrival of new requirements, ever-changing requirements, a broad landscape of systems, devices, and aerial coverage, not to mention growing numbers of passengers and employees, how do airports manage such an undertaking? Taking into consideration the number of disparate physical security systems, devices, and remote access points, it may seem impossible.

But with the right Converged Vision™ platform integration of all systems, devices, sensors and more, it is achievable and will deliver long term results and scalability, as airports grow or adapt new technologies.

Meet Nanodems NDIS Airport Security Solutions

A comprehensive, physical security information management solution, that integrates and converges all disparate physical security systems and devices into one centrally managed platform, delivering a higher level of visibility, accountability and security for all areas within, and around airports.

By bringing these systems together in one unified, converged platform airports are able to:

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Reduce Infrastructure Cost

Maximize Personnel Resources

Why Use NDIS:
  • Centrally track and monitor all activity, real time, across all locations in and around the airport
  • Gain enhanced global oversight and situational awareness
  • Manage access and authorization to restricted areas
  • Improve operational efficiency while reducing cost
  • Reduce costs associated with training and implementing new devices/hardware
  • Collaborate more effectively with internal and external partners and agencies
  • Anticipate, identify, and swiftly respond to incidents and threats in real-time
  • Access security footage, live feeds, or alerts from any device, anywhere
  • Automate security operations and gate management to streamline operations and safety
  • Geo-locate activity on airfield or tarmac through integrated GPS Mapping and Display

Who benefits from full security system integration?

Airport IT Manager

Group Handling Manager

Control Room Operators

Terminal Operations Manager


NDIS Provides:

Centralized Access & Authorization
  • Centrally configure, grant, or remove access rights with one click
  • Disseminate the right information at the right time to the right people
  • Maintain accurate audit logs for regulatory compliance
  • Easily and securely manages access between locations for authorized users
  • Allows for faster and more efficient response by personnel


Real-Time Health Monitoring  
  • Devices are monitored 24/7 for failure, disruption, and connectivity
  • Interrupted signals set off several alarms: dashboard, email & SMS
  • At-a-glance, visually assess hardware conditions & system statuses
  • Maximizes customer safety and minimizes device or system downtime
A Converged Vision™ Concept
  • Centralizes monitoring and tracking for better situational awareness
  • Integrates multiple systems/devices to improve efficiency
  • Aligns planning, coordination and oversight across all departments
  • Offers open architecture for more flexibility and scalability
  • Delivers seamless integration between multiple systems
One-Step Device Configuration
  • Standardize configuration to thousands of devices with one click
  • Minimizes set-up time and device installation
  • Ensures uniform monitoring and reporting
  • Streamlines incident management and analysis
Alarm and Incident Management 
  • Customizable alerts for immediate notification of issue(s)
  • Integrated system correlates alarms to events and instant footage for faster response
  • Automatically logs each incident or resolution for better planning
  • Enables effortless compliance with current regulations
Intelligent Security Insights 
  • Enhances global awareness and better mitigates risk
  • Dynamic GPS mapping delivers greater insight with incidents or investigations
  • Customizable reports and trends are easily accessible
  • Enables better threat and response preparedness
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