About us

Today’s most challenging task is monitoring different systems used by different departments at an entity under one platform.

NDIS is an integration platform brings your all site information with just one click. Monitoring your different premises and systems have never been so easy.

Unique capabilities of NDIS system gives you all site information on the same platform.

SEE what is relevant

KNOW who is where

CONTROL valuable utilities


CHECK the health of your systems

INTEGRATE all at one application

Our mission is to provide industry-leading integration platform having an unparalleled technology and flexibility which can work with different networking options at our global clients premises.

Nanodems Headquarter based in Massachusetts,USA with offices around the globe became global leader at integration solutions.

We have customer tailored solutions to find the best solution for their problems. Our experts around the globe is ready to listen to you.

Nanodems is focused on solution not the product. Our R&D team is ready to develop any tool helping you to get what you require.