Connecting & Integrating Emergency Services, Cities and Governments

Enabling smarter, faster coordinated responses, to build safer communities with Nanodems NDIS Public Safety solution.

When it comes to public safety, agencies aren’t just accountable for their personnel’s safety, they are responsible for ensuring the protection and safety for citizens of their towns and cities. A job, that doesn’t come easy when key organizations such as law enforcement, emergency services and city governments are trying to coordinate various systems, communications and devices to streamline operations and response times to more effectively protect cities and deter crime.

With the sometimes impossible task of managing large cities, who’s borders can extend for miles, and devices that amount to hundreds of thousands across the city, finding a solution that enables integration across multiple systems and devices and brands is difficult.

How do the various entities that make up Public Safety find that common ground to create an operational framework that works for everyone?

Meet Nanodoms NDIS Public Safety Solution for Law Enforcement, Emergency Services and Governments

An end-to-end fully integrated solution that converges multiple systems, devices, hardware etc. into one centralized command and control center. A system developed with open architecture for flexibility, scalability and interoperability between multiple brands and systems to minimize cost, maximize infrastructure and provide for future expansion.

Integrate, converge and have oversight of systems such as: 

Intercom Systems

ACS Systems

GIS Maps

IoT Sensors

Digital & Analog Cameras

Social Media Integration

UVIS & ANPR Systems

Gunshot Detection Sensors

Centralized video surveillance. Actionable Intelligence. Global visibility and situational awareness — Nanodems NDIS

When cities and public safety services deploy NDIS, physical security & data systems are integrated and married together, providing global awareness and better insights.

With the unity of disparate data, geospatial visualization, connected insights and real-time alerts, public safety personnel and other coordinating agencies become more effective and efficient, resulting in:

  • Better threat preparedness and response
  • Increased global situational awareness
  • Easier dissemination of information to internal & external teams
  • Tracking simultaneous events with more ease
  • More accurate, comprehensive event logging & audit trails
  • Streamlined operations, better defined responses and coordination plans

Empower Emergency Services & Law Enforcment With Insight

When Public Safety organizations have the opportunity to efficiently and effectively share multiple sources of data through a seamless system it benefits them by giving them insight in measuring the effectiveness of new training, projects, initiatives and threat preparedness. Resulting in saved costs, shorter training cycles and a more holistic critical event plan.

An integrated surveillance solution assists with:

  • Providing an unbiased picture of the public’s behavior
  • Public sentiment of feeling safer and more at ease
  • Enabling police to view video in real-time from mobile devices, anywhere
  • Allowing law enforcement to react faster to threats or suspicious activity
  • Deterring harassment, vandalism, and other violent acts

Seamless technology delivers:

  • Real-time access of details for first responders
  • Instantaneous access to critical information, call details, reports and service calls
  • Ability to complete and submit reports en route from smart devices
  • Faster communications to be more responsive to the needs of the community
  • Standardized configuration of thousands of devices with one click
  • Centralized user access and authentication

By leveraging connected intelligence agencies can:

  • Govern data and compliance more effectively
  • Manage investigations and incidents digitally
  • Enable and deploy AI to deliver real-time alerts
  • Easily organize, share and archive digital evidence for more efficient incident management
  • Make more informed decisions and take smarter actions to improve safety and operations city-wide
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