Public Safety

Safety is an important component to consider in public parks, communities & neighborhoods, and other municipal districts. It can be challenging for law enforcement to properly control a crowd and monitor for other public disturbances without some type of monitoring system in place. Our IP video surveillance experts have years of experience working on projects with strict public safety policies, and specialize in designing security camera systems that meet this need.

Modern Video Surveillance Helps in Multiple Ways:

  • Deters harassment, vandalism, and other violent acts
  • Provides an unbiased picture of the public’s behavior
  • Makes the public feel safer and more at ease
  • Police can view video in real-time from smart devices
  • Allows law enforcement to react faster to suspicious behavior

Mobile Public Safety

Arm first responders with instant, real-time access to call for service details and provide tools to complete and submit reports while on the road. Mobile public safety enables first responders to see what dispatchers see.

Citation Management

Simplify electronic ticketing and data collection processes in the field with flexible mobile solutions. Use handheld, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices, allowing officers to capture data for processing and transmittal to most public safety and court applications.


Streamline the process of collecting, storing and retrieving critical information. From a centralized repository, manage data via inquiries, reporting, data sharing, investigations, and administrative processes.