Banks and Financial Institutions

Resolving Complex Financial Security Environments With Advanced PSIM Integration Solutions

Align multiple devices, locations and communications with Nanodems NDIS.

The security of data, assets, people and infrastructure are the highest priority among financial institutions.  But when legacy systems, new technologies, disparate systems, and thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of devices, across multiple locations are in play, how do banks and financial institutions monitor and identify potential threats or fraud?

The simple answer – They Don’t. Or at the least, not without a lot of manual work and resources. Resources which could be used to focus on other initiatives, if the right technologies, platform or solutions were in place.

Meet Nanodems NDIS, a converged solution for Banks and Large-scale, Multi-Location Financial Institutions

Nanodems NDIS solves the issue of how banks with large numbers of locations, devices and people, handles its physical security information management systems and processes.

Our user-friendly, dynamic interface allows organizations to centrally and automatically track the following, and more, across multiple locations and channels:

  • CCTVs
  • Money Counting Machines
  • ATMs
  • Alarm Intrusion Panels
  • Access Control Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Vehicles in Transit
  • Shooter Detection Systems

Our converged vision™ concept brings all these disparate physical security systems together in a user-friendly, easy to use dashboard that allows security personnel to:

Centrally Track & Monitor Activity

Access Real-Time Video & Alerts

Mitigate Threats, Risk & Fraud

An intelligent PSIM Solution as flexible and versatile as the organization requires, able to scale when and where their business needs dictate.

NDIS is the #1 PSIM Solution for Banks & Financial Institutions Across the EMEA





Rely on Nanodems to:

  • Securely monitor all security system data and reporting
  • Integrate and standardize physical security systems 
  • Identify and provide information that allows users to swiftly respond to incidents and threats  
  • Centrally and securely, track and monitor access and activity, in multiple locations, real-time, preventing fraud  
  • Grow business by reducing security expansion costs through hardware independence 
  • Improve efficiency and customer experience while reducing costs, time and human resource demands


Converged Vision™ Security Concept 
  • Centralizes monitoring and tracking for better situational awareness
  • Integrates multiple systems/devices to improve efficiency
  • Enhances the customer experience and increases revenue
  • Delivers full control over CCTV and teller systems
  • Aligns planning, coordination and oversight across all locations


Real-Time Health Monitoring  
  • Devices are monitored 24/7 for failure, disruption, and connectivity
  • Interrupted signals set off several alarms: dashboard, email & SMS
  • At-a-glance, visually assess hardware conditions & system statuses
  • Maximizes customer safety and minimizes device or system downtime
Centralized Access & Authorization
  • Centrally configure, grant, or remove access rights with one click
  • Disseminate the right information at the right time to the right people
  • Maintain accurate audit logs for regulatory compliance
  • Easily and securely manages access between locations for authorized users
  • Audit trails of personnel movement protects physical and online data
Scalability and Flexibility 
  • Leverage existing infrastructure to maximize cost efficiency
  • Open architecture allows for scalability when the business needs it
  • Manage all devices, regardless of brand, from a single user interface
  • Access video footage from anywhere with our mobile app


One-Step Device Configuration
  • Standardize configuration to thousands of devices with one click
  • Minimizes set-up time and device installation
  • Ensures uniform monitoring and reporting
  • Streamlines incident management and analysis


Alarm and Incident Management 
  • Customizable alerts for immediate notification of issue(s)
  • Integrated system correlates alarms to events and instant footage for faster response
  • Automatically logs each incident or resolution for better planning
  • Enables effortless compliance with current regulations
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