Banks and Financial Institutions

Nanodems Banking and Financial Services Solutions 

For all financial institutions, the safety and security of data, assets, infrastructure and people is the number one priority. In the age of data overload and both physical and cyber security breaches, a financial institution cannot afford to be without a secure, intelligent and converged security management system.  

Nanodems offers a user-friendly solution that allows you to centrally and automatically monitor and track: CCTV, ATMs, Money counting machines, Alarm Intrusion Panels, Access Control systems across multiple locations all over the globe.

Nanodems’ PSIM is an intelligent solution that seamlessly converges all components of banking and financial services security monitoring into one centralised system.

Converged Security Concept 

The integration of multiple security systems centrally improves efficiency, enhances the customer experience and saves costs. You have full control over CCTV, access control and alarm intrusion systems. 

Data and Privacy Protection  

Monitoring login information and tracking user activity provides a global view of operations. User actions are reported and displayed on demand, protecting data from both physical and cyber threats.  

Central AAA 

Central authorization and authentication allow personnel to easily and securely transition between branches. Access rights may be automatically configured and granted or removed instantly in case of an incident allowing the right people access to the right information. 

Hardware Independence and Flexibility 

Integration of devices from different brands and new technologies is supportedYou are not locked in with any vendorThe easy-to-use interface allow you to make setting changes remotely that will be deployed to thousands of different devices at the same time with a single click.  

Corporate Standardization and Remote Configuration

Standardization of all IT systems and hardware components of physical security systems is essential to allow for incident management and analysis. Over time, the introduction of new systems needs to be standardized with old systems. Bulk configuration allows you to ensure standardization remotely to ensure uniform data monitoring and reporting. 

Alarm and Incident Management 

Customisable alerts allow you to ensure that errors will be discovered in seconds. Events and video footage are instantly correlated, and the information is routed to the right person for swift incident control. This feature ensures effortless compliance with current regulations. 

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Rely on Nanodems to:

  • Securely monitor your security system data
  • Integrate and standardize security systems 
  • Identify and provide information that allows you to swiftly respond to incidents and threats  
  • Centrally and securely track and monitor access and activity in multiple locations in real time preventing fraud  
  • Allow your business to grow by reducing security expansion costs through hardware independence 
  • Reduce costs, time and human resource demands while improving efficiency and customer experience