Correctional Facilities

Incidents involving inmate violence, drug use, and officer misconduct are just a few examples of the unfortunate acts that can occur within prison walls. Advancements in video surveillance technology are enabling these facilities to upgrade their systems in order to provide more comprehensive monitoring and a heightened level of safety for inmates and workers.

NDIS network video solutions provide live views from any of your cameras to authorized staff and authorities for optimal situational awareness. And the recorded high-definition video provides undisputable answers to the cause and guilt of incidents such as vandalism, assault and theft.

Multi View

Quickly change views from single camera to 2×2 to 3×3. Users are able to observe up to nine rooms simultaneously.

Browser Interface

Our easy-to-use intuitive browser-based software works on Mac, PC, and mobile devices. This allows users to debrief and observe videos from any authorized device and simplifies deployment.

Digital Zoom

Digitally zoom in, either during live observation or when reviewing a video recording – an especially useful feature when paired with HD cameras.