Correctional Facilities

Driving security innovation through software integration for enhanced situational awareness to create safer and more secure prisons.

Improving visual oversight, accountability, and control with Nanodems NDIS Prisons and Correctional Institutions Solution.

Prisons, correctional facilities or asylums can be some of the toughest institutions to regulate security for. They not only have to think about traditional security measures but also security features that address concerns around:

  • Inmate escapes
  • Gang control
  • Riots
  • Overcrowding
  • Potential hostage situations
  • Contraband

Yes, many of these issues are high risk, and can often turn volatile at a moments notice, especially when paired with those institutions that may be short staffed, or in need of technology that will seamlessly tie all their systems together for better control.

What do they do?

What steps, security protocols or security management technologies can they implement to help augment short-staffed facilities and provide oversight to the many areas in and around these facilities?

The Solution

The solution involves implementing an integrated, converged vision™ PSIM platform that connects disparate systems, devices, sensors and more to achieve complete interoperability and visibility.

Meet Nanodems NDIS Prisons and Correctional Institutions Solution

CCTV Security Room

A scalable, all-inclusive physical security information management solution, that integrates and converges all disparate physical security systems and devices into one centrally managed platform that provides 360° visibility and delivers a higher level of accountability and security for all areas within, and around correctional institutions.

By having a physical security information management solution in place that provides interoperability between multiple analog and digital systems, devices and sensors, correctional institutions, prisons and asylums can now have a global view of operations, personnel and inmates, resulting in streamlined operations, efficiency and control.

NDIS integrates, converges and delivers centralized control, access and oversight of multiple security systems such as:

Intrusion Alarms

Perimeter Sensors

Panic Buttons

Intercom Systems

Analog & Digital Cameras/CCTV

Access Control Systems

Visitor Management Systems

Critical Condition Monitoring Systems

NDIS seamlessly integrates with existing systems' infrastructure to provide facilities the visual oversight, accountability and security they need to maintain smooth operations.

NDIS Visual Secure PCF Offers:

  • Protection and convenience
  • State-of-the-art integration
  • Ease of use
  • Efficiency of a single platform for all device integration
  • A platform that can be managed remotely and maintained
Why implement Nanodems NDIS:
  • Improves visual coverage across all areas in and around facility – providing for more effective security and compliance
  • Increased visibility and situational awareness helps maintain order and compliance in common areas
  • Improves documentation of evidence and offers the capability to capture better visual evidence
  • Streamlines operations and processes, allows staff to be more efficient and respond faster
  • Centralized command and control = better protection for staff, inmates and visitors
  • Easily track and regulate movement throughout the facility, authorized access areas and outlying buildings
  • Helps to reduce instances of assault or other nefarious activity
  • Allows for safer transport of inmates or prisoners
  • Increases search capabilities and visibility footprint
  • Remotely monitor video and other sensors from mobile devices

NDIS Visual Secure PCF PSIM Solution Provides:

Centralized Access & Authorization
  • Centrally configure, grant or remove access rights with one click
  • Disseminate the right information at the right time to the right people
  • Allows for more accurate control over visitor management our outside vendors
  • Improves accountability and operational awareness
  • Provides a historical record of movement throughout facility
  • Maintain accurate audit logs for regulatory compliance
  • Easily and securely manages access between locations for authorized users
One-Step Device Configuration
  • Standardize configuration to thousands of devices with one click
  • Minimizes set-up time and device installation
  • Ensures uniform monitoring and reporting
  • Reduces human resources required for set up
  • Streamlines operational efficiencies and reduces chances of errors
Real Time Health Monitoring
  • Devices & systems are monitored 24/7 for failure, disruption and connectivity
  • Interruptions in any signal will set off several alarms via the dashboard, email or SMS
  • Enables personnel to address the issue quickly and pinpoint which devices or systems are down
  • At-a-glance visually assess hardware conditions & system statuses
  • Proactively mitigate potential device or system failures for reduced downtime and maximum occupant & staff safety
The Converged Vision™ Concept
  • Centralizes monitoring and tracking for better situational awareness
  • Integrates multiple systems/devices to improve efficiency
  • Aligns planning, coordination and oversight across all departments
  • Offers open architecture for more flexibility,growth  and scalability
  • Delivers seamless integration and interoperability between multiple systems devices
  • Leverages existing infrastructure for optimal cost efficiency
  • Manage all devices, regardless of brand, from a single user interface
Alarm & Incident Management
  • Customizable alerts for immediate notification of issue(s)
  • Integrated system correlates alarms to events and instant footage for faster response
  • Automatically logs each incident or resolution for better planning
  • Enables effortless compliance with current regulations
  • Respond to threats or incidents faster resulting in more effective safety and security
  • Mitigate false alarms or sensors more effectively
  • Connect and engage with agencies and community partners to maintain effective and seamless communications
Audit Trails & Personnel Access Management
  • Monitor & track personnel activity by location/area to gain global views of operations
  • Better regulate movement throughout facility and outlying structures
  • Gain insight on when and where people are entering/exiting facility; what times are the busiest to manage staff levels more effectively
  • Manage and regulate visitor access in non-essential areas
  • Maintain more comprehensive audit logs and details for compliance
  • Leverage insights to enable automatic audit compliance
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