Nanodems Retail

Nanodems Retail

What does a large scale, full service retail loss prevention solution look like?  One that seamlessly integrates multiple systems, software and hardware, while addressing the organization’s primary issues of:

  • Loss prevention
  • Security scalability
  • Efficient fraud detection

Meet Nanodems NDIS Retail. Our solution unifies and integrates a retail company’s various tools, from security cameras (CCTV) and Point of Sale (POS) systems, to DVRs and software (ERP/CRM and more), technology and brand independent to help leverage your insights and detect fraudulent activity smarter, faster and with more ease.

Why Nanodems Retail NDIS?

Nanodems NDIS Retail delivers unparalleled integrative features that offer our clients’ a comprehensive unified security console. Our open architecture, cross-compatibility platform means no matter what type of DVR (Digital Video Recorders), NVR, CCTV, analog camera, IP cameras etc. we can seamlessly integrate everything into one viewable security console and dashboard, giving you complete visibility to all areas of your business, with easy to understand user access and controls.

As part of NDIS Retail Loss Prevention Solution clients have access to Enhanced Business Intelligence Reporting through our dashboard – an all inclusive feature that detects or identifies anomalies in and around refunds, discounts, line or post voids by location, register or employee, linking those transactions directly to video feeds; streamlining your detection and prevention process significantly to reduce shrinkage on a more time-friendly basis.