Safe City

Due to economic growth, large and medium-sized cities around the world are experiencing population increases. This leads to larger traffic volume on the streets, causing traffic congestion, violations and accidents. Modern cities are also faced with certain challenges such as criminal activity, violent incidents and terrorist attacks. Cities must progress by implementing smart solutions to handle these traffic and security issues.

The aim of the NDIS is to help maintain security in everyday traffic by accurately detecting and recording several types of traffic violation and by providing irrefutable evidence for local authorities. Drivers are more likely to comply with traffic rules if they know that all their violating actions could be captured. This results in fewer violations, and therefore the number of potential accidents and traffic jams can be significantly reduced.


NDIS has a flexible structure, so the solution can adapt to cities of any size.

Multi-Purpose System

NDIS is a city-wide system that has been designed to simultaneously fulfill traffic violation management and city video surveillance.