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A complete software based integration infrastructure for different type of security systems.
NDIS Core is proved its stability by enabling integrated security operations on 5 continents.
It provides reliable solution for small to large installations.


What is NDIS?

NDIS is a centralized, multiuser, multisite, integrated physical security management software which brings many different defense&security hardware, including electronic access control systems, video management systems perimeter intrusion detection systems, digital input/output devices altogether in one common interface.


Hardware Independency

NDIS is integrated with much popular security hardware. Being proved its stability, scalability and reliability over the years with real world projects, you can rely on the seamless integrations NDIS provides. You can use hardware from different vendors and security operators can still monitor/control them with same intuitive interface. This not only provides hardware independency but also reduces the time and cost for training the security staff for new systems.

Server/Client Architecture
NDIS has server/client architecture on which server acting as the central point of arbitration for whole system. System can be monitored/controlled over network via encrypted communication over TCP/IP. This enables access to system resources from any place on the LAN in a secure way. All communication is over IP which enables central monitoring and control of sites all over the world without any distance restriction.

Innovation- Cross Integration



  • There is no requirement for one-to-one integration
  • You can integrate a system with all other supported systems
  • As soon as a new hadware supported, it is automatically integrated to all existing systems



Go IP with NDIS and save from infrastructure costs. Because NDIS uses existing LAN infrastructure for integrations.*
Be one step ahead of your competitors by providing your clients cutting edge integration technology.
Have value-added systems with NDIS, exactly using same security hardware.
Freely select any hardware you desire without worrying about if they are integrated to others.
Manage whole system with less manpower
Reduce rate of false alarms Improve situation response times
Prevent user/operator interference either it is intentional or inadvertent


Do not waste your resources to integrate your products seperately to each external system.
Focus on your core business and let NDIS handle all tiresome integration details.
Be directly integrated to several popular third party security systems seamlessy
Increase your sales potential by being integrated to many popular security systems and by being listed in compatible products catalog

NDIS also provides automatic failover capability, and scalable to any number of security hardware. Several popular Video Management Systems, Alarm Management Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems are currently supported and number of supported systems are increasing day-by-day.


Advanced User and Device Management

NDIS enables configuration of each users’ authorizations with different right profiles. Creating unlimited user groups is supported (Such as Guards,
Technical Operators, Maintenance Team, Managers, and Supervisors etc.) Either user groups or individually each user can have a specific right profile which
defines what a user can see and control. Moreover a physical computer can have a right profile as well which means operators accessing the system from a specific place are only authorized to view/control preconfigured devices and maps for that computer.




*Majority of the integrations are held via TCP/IP, but for some integrations communication can be achieved with another protocol, please request information for specific driver architecture.