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What NDIS Transcoder?

NDIS Transcoder is a new generation real time video transcoder specially designed for CCTV applications.

Not only provides integrated platform for CCTV systems with different encodings, but also enables you to reduce storage costs without additional hardware investment.
Why NDIS Transcoder?
– Cost Effective
With its being high performance, total cost of ownership of NDIS Transcoder is lower compared to traditional transcoders.
– Do not sacrifice existing systems
– Reduce Your Storage Costs
Reduce your storage costs up to eighty percent by recording in H.264 format
– Easy to integrate
With its distributed architecture NDIS Transcoder can be integrated to any CCTV system. It does not matter if it is an PC-Based NVR or an embedded encoder, all can be integrated seamlessly since.
– Supports (M)JPEG, MPEG4, H.264
– Failsafe (Automatic failover capability with two node HA cluster)
– DQD (Dynamic Quality Determination for (M)JPEG streams)
– Remote Management (over TCP/IP)
– Multilanguage support for configuration