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NDIS Enterprise

For large scale security systems, NDIS Enterprise  enables you to manage physically dispersed locations centrally. Intelligent bandwidth management  enables you to manage all your security systems without restraining your organization’s daily operations. An ideal solution for corporate environments which has complex security requirements.

Custom-Made Software Solutions

It is always not possible to meet all of requirements with Commercial-off-the-shelf software solutions. Being aware of this fact, nanodems is ready to deliver custom tailored software solutions that meets your exact requirements. Upon your request, all of software development phases from start to end, from requirement analysis to testing, can be held on customer site .

nanodems is expert on mission-critical software development for Defense&Security market and took part in many prestigous international Defense&Security projects in EMEA region as a software development partner. Our products are running at the heart of the systems where security has critical importance.

We do care for quality of our products and we do care for our customers’ confidentiality. That is why we could not share any of our references. Our products are serving for Defense&Security market’s needs. We have provided custom tailored software solutions that meet our customers’ exact requirements. These projects are developed depending on our customers’ preferred standard, either with publicly known ones (such as MIL-STD-498) or according to their organizations’ internal specifications.

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